WATS 2016 World Airline Training Symposium in Orland, USA.

Interfire launched the FireSafeCase, a brief-case like container designed to handle fires created by electronic appliances – both onboard aircraft and in public places such as hotels, trains and schools. By closing a burning device into the FireSafeCase©, cabin crew can quickly contain a fire and prevent toxic gases spreading throughout the cabin. With the [...]

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February 2016 – AMTS Group AG delivered RFFT trainer to WizzAir in 2014

Interfire Trainers - AMTS Group AG has delivered the RFFT cabin crew real firefighting trainer to WizzAir in their new training centre based in Budapest, Hungary in 2014. During a visit to the centre on the 19th of February last week AMTS Group learnt that the trainer has been used extensively since it was delivered, [...]

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Complimentary Consultation and Help

AMTS Group AG - Interfire Trainers offers complimentary help and consultation to our customers in their internal safety matters. This complimentary service is also available to anyone who requires help in their private homes to increase fire safety. Complimentary consultation is also available for E-Learning Safety Training Packages.

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RFFT Total Care

AMTS Group AG - Interfire Trainers has developed a new method to maintain RFFT clients on site. Our new RFFT - Total Care programme will provide technical assistance and fast service personnel dispatching if required for our RFFT clients. Ask more by sending us an email.  

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The FireSafeCase will be launched at WATS 2016. FireSafeCase is an ideal piece of equipment for cabin crew to handle electrical device fires from lithium batteries, as well as other power sources on board, and helps place the fire under control safely. By placing a burning electrical device inside the FireSafeCase (including devices with lithium batteries), [...]

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Reorganising our Production and After Sales Services

During the first quarter in 2016 we are reorganising our production and after sales services. More information will be given during the second quarter of 2016.

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Interfire Trainers in Aviation Conferences

In 2016 we are participating following aviation training conferences together with TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH: IATA Cabin Operations Safety Conference 2016. WATS 2016 in Orlando, USA. EATS 2016 in Berlin, Germany.

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Autumn 2015 – AMTS Group AG meet with SEP training specialist at APATS 2015

AMTS Group AG met with the experienced SEP training specialist Mr. Joseph Kwok from Singapore Airlines during the APATS 2015 conference held in Bangkok. Mr. Kwok was interested to hear AMTS Group AG – Interfire Trainers opinion and vision concerning aircraft fire safety and lavatory fires in particular. We discussed many issues concerning onboard hazards [...]

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Late in the year 2015 AMTS Group AG

Interfire Trainers completed a large scale project with EvaAir in Taiwan. The trainer has been delivered to EvaAir and it has been successfully installed since October.

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Early 2015 AMTS Group AG

Early in 2015 AMTS Group AG - Interfire Trainers decided to share, free of charge, necessary information for companies in the aviation industry and corporate business sector, to establish an internal e-learning package for employees to learn the basics in airline safety. This information is extremely helpful not only for corporate safety awarness but also for people [...]

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