About Interfire

Interfire RFFT is the trademark for Interfire Aviation Firefighting Trainers which are available to the international airline safety industry. Interfire Aviation is owned by the product developers and the company headquarters and production are based in Spain.

Quality Products

Interfire Aviation manufacture and sell a variety of trainers for SEP training needs. The aircraft real fire fighting trainers are based on common aircraft designs used by world leading airlines within the civil aviation market, but can also be customised according to individual customer requirements.

News Section

Follow the latest news about Interfire Aviation, our product range and the world of civil aviation on the Interfire news page. Read the latest on important industry events and new technologies here!

Why Choose Interfire Aviation

Trainers for Fire

  • We are the world leader in civil aviation fire safety training
  • Our product range is the best in the industry
  • We can customise trainers to meet any customer requirements
  • Our client base proves we are respected throughout the civil aviation sector
  • Every Interfire product is safe, environmentally friendly, easy to use and cost effective
  • All of our products are CE compliant

Our Happy Clients