IATA Cabin Safety Conference Miami 2016

AMTS Group AG and TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH attended the IATA cabin Safety conference in Florida, Miami, USA from May 10th to 12th this year.

From the point of view of a safety device manufacturer the conference was extremely good and we had the opportunity to meet a lot of aviation specialists during the event.

In our opinion a couple of presentations were very interesting:

–          The Virgin representative’s presentation of an emergency landing, which finally ended safely. The video clip taken during the flight’s final steps before the safe landing gave an extremely good vision as to how crew act professionally and how they keep passengers calm during the whole scary moment.

–          The presentation made by Mr.Totti Karpela concerning the behaviour of stalkers and general harassment in our society was very interesting as these kind of incidents can create very difficult situations for crew during a flight.

During visits to many of our client’s stands we discussed the modern SEP trainers that are now available as well as automatic real cabin fire trainers. In particularly high demand in fire training now is how to handle fires in electronic devices carrying a Lithium battery power source and therefore Interfire Trainer’s FireSafeCase is now an extremely high priority in our client’s thoughts.

The future will show in which direction talks of safety in a lithium battery or any battery powered electronic device fires will go. Hopefully all of us in the aviation business will soon find a way to cooperate more closely together in order to be able to provide higher fire safety available for all airliners. This will also be a challenge for regulators and air crew fire safety training should have a high priority; fire is one of the most difficult risks to handle on board an aircraft.

Interfire Trainers would like to see presentations at these industry conferences as to how different companies from different geographical regions carry out their cabin fire training in real life. For example it would be good to hear from companies based in Europe, USA, the Far East and South East Asia.

At the end of the show we kindly expressed our kind wish to Sandro to be able to visit the next IATA conference, which hopefully will be held in Southern Europe. We will keep our fingers crossed for that wish and hope to meet you all during the next conference.

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