Interfire Aviation has developed the special FireSafeCase© to handle laptop fire hazards and other fires started by electronic devices that carry lithium batteries. The FireSafeCase© is the ideal safety device to contain a pre-fire created by an electronic appliance as it prevents the escalation of fire, whilst allowing safety procedures to be implemented.

The FireSafeCase© is designed to handle fires created by electronic appliances both onboard aircraft and in public places such as hotels, trains and schools.

Small lithium batteries like those found in mobile phones and laptops are extremely powerful and are currently a great cause of concern in relation to public safety, particularly within the aviation industry.

By closing a burning device inside the FireSafeCase© cabin crew can quickly contain a fire and prevent toxic gases spreading throughout the cabin. Specific training with the FireSafeCase© will provide the required skills and equipment to deal with every kind of power source hazard on board an airplane.

It is imperative that the correct extinguishing techniques, handling method and proper equipment are in place to deal with a fire from a lithium battery or any other power source. This invaluable knowledge and training are essential for a member of cabin crew to be able to contain the fire quickly and will allow pilots enough time to make an emergency landing if necessary.

The Lithium battery fire trainer has been a standard item within the Interfire Aviation Fire Trainers (RFFT) for over ten years. With this device the trainees will learn how to act in case of LapTop / Smart Phone fires on board.

  • Designed to handle fires created by electronic appliances
  • Addresses serious issue of fires caused by lithium batteries
  • Effectively contains pre-fires allowing the implementation of safety procedures
  • Incorporated within all Interfire training programmes
  • Ideal for aircraft & communal places including hotels, schools & public transport