Fire safety issues with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 highlights issues with lithium batteries on planes

An electronic device is always a risk on board during a flight, particularly if there is a technical problem within the device itself or the device has been handled wrongly. In the last few weeks the world has again witnessed worrying incidents with mobile phones on board aeroplanes and unfortunately these incidents will not be the last due to the incredibly high number of electronic devices that passenger’s carry on board each day.

Powerful Lithium batteries can be dangerous and can create a serious incident during a flight; in fact the wrong handling of any electronic device could could lead to an incident. Anyone who travels a lot will have experienced how other passengers behave with their electronic devices i.e. phones, tablets, games, etc.

Is there something that can be done?

Obviously we do not mean that nothing has been done so far, but we do believe that more can be done to address this issue. Awareness about the various ways we can safely handle these problems is one of the most important things.

We at Interfire Trainers believe there is a great deal more that can be done to prevent the problems that occur with these devices. Stopping the escalation of the pre-fire or pre-incident should be the priority for all of us in the aviation business.

The first important thing is to train the cabin and cockpit crews to efficiently handle these problems before they occur. Furthermore we need more knowledge of electronic devices, the behavior of Lithium batteries, the fundamentals of fire, the technical aids available and more practical hands on training for air crews at all levels. Of great importance also is to not forget the passengers! We need to make sure passengers are more knowledgeable about these hazards, and regulators should be stronger in demanding passengers act safely during the flight.

Interfire Trainers has developed the FireSafeCase. If there is a burning or smoking electronic device incident on a flight the FireSafeCase will provide a safe compartment to contaminate the smoking or burning electronic device.

The smoking device is placed into the FireSafeCase. This dangerous battery will now be in a sealed, hermetic compartment limiting the fire and stopping the dangerous fumes spreading inside the cabin. This gives desperately needed time for the next steps; for example it provides time for a pilot to decide if an emergency landing is needed or not.

We once again request an open co-operation with all of our clients, training organisations and other manufacturers to communicate more effectively. This will ensure that we can all provide the right tools and information to allow greater safety for passengers and aircrew on board any flight.

Safety is our business!

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