Showing the way with over 20 years in Cabin Crew Real Fire Fighting Training!

Interfire Aviation RFFT Team design since 1995.

In the attached photos you will see one of the first RFFT trainers that was built by the Interfire Team in 1995. This RFFT was serving Finnair Flight Academy in Finland for approximately 20 years. In the summer of 2017 Interfire Aviation delivered a New RFFT Trainer for Finnair Flight Academy Ltd.

The former Finnair’s 20 years young RFFT trainer was then transferred to a new home at Reval’s Maritime & Offshore Training Centre in Tallinn, Estonia.

The RFFT was delivered to Reval during the last week in January 2018 and the Reval team commenced using the trainer on 6th of February 2018. Reval has decided to invest and expand in to the aviation market ensuring a new provider for aviation customers in the Baltic Region.

This RFFT Trainer has guided the modern fire training and technology which is used today in the real fire fighting training by many airlines.

Technically this RFFT represented modern technology in 1995. At that time the main construction material of the RFFT’s compartments outer shell was metal; Interfire Aviation changed this to composite material approximately 10 years ago. The fire training area’s interior is stainless steel with integrated fire protection to guarantee long durability and easy maintenance.

At the beginning the classroom interior walls were made out of painted metal Casettes for the comfort of the user. In the new RFFT trainer the classroom and technical room walls are white composite material which requires no additional coating and they are extremely easy to keep shiny and clean.

Already 20 years ago RFFT in question was provided for example with:

  • Fully automatic fire extinguisher refilling station using water and high pressure air propellant in fire extinguishers to guarantee low operating costs and environmentally friendly operation with RFFT
  • Automatic real fires by LPG (or equivalent Gas)
  • Pilot ignition system in the stainless-steel fire burners
  • Artificial smoke system with independent smoke valves
  • Atex ventilators under floor of unit
  • Automatic Emergency Ventilation
  • Automatic Emergency Stop System with alarm warning
  • Automatic industrial Gas Detection System
  • Heating/cooling supported with natural air louvers
  • RFFT driven by PLC with modern IOS operating panel
  • RFFT was designed for use indoors and outdoors in case clients needed to relocate the unit for any reason
  • Classroom was provided with comfortable leather benches

Interfire Aviation 2018

Interfire Aviation is still the market leader in the aviation market that has now more and more beginning to interest many more customers and companies. Our team has 35 years hands on experience and knowledge of every different kind of fire safety training. The current Interfire Aviation RFFT´s design has very similar functionality to that used in units in the early 90s.

In the New RFFT design we use compartment construction materials, that have been changed to modern and comfortable composite material, which has better insulation capability than previously used and is mainly maintenance free. Cleaning is easy and can be undertaken using ordinary household materials available from supermarkets. The design allows us to also provide each RFFT customer with the Interfire Aviation RFFT Safety Floor, which is extremely important in these kind of Fire Trainers that use gas to create real flames for user safety.

The ordinary steel containers are still available although none of our customers have been interested in using them since the new material was launched.

Stainless steel is still used for the fire training area providing long durability and easy maintenance.

Technology inside the RFFT is based on the functional philosophy founded 20 years ago and always using the latest operational technologies with the latest components available.

Interfire Aviation RFFT´s Software has gone through a huge development during the past 20 years which is typical in this kind of production. Our present software is present day state of the art technology.

The Interfire Aviation RFFT Team is going strong and will continue to develop the modern RFFT Trainers and Safety Training for every type of client group. The field of aviation field has been and will always be an important market field for us. However these RFFT type devices can be widely used in many types of safety training where first response fire training with real flames and artificial smoke are required.

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