Finnair and Lufthansa to update RFFT Trainers

Fire Trainers Procurement – Finnair and Lufthansa have invited tender proposals from suppliers to replace their current RFFT type fire trainers. Both companies purchased their current RFFT trainers as early as 1996 and the units have experienced extremely heavy operational use during the past twenty years.

The current procurement phase has been completed and RFPs will be assessed during an evaluation process with both companies in July 2016. AMTS Group AG was informed that 6 manufacturers have provided their RFPs for evaluation by Finnair and Lufthansa. This is an indication for the aviation business that real fire safety training is currently a very high priority in SEP training, due to several new manufacturers having entered this business sector.

We live in very interesting times with these two RFFT projects as both companies have great experience in RFFT operations. Growing competition is only good for all kind of business and we look forward to seeing what will happen with these two projects in Autumn 2016.

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