Interfire Trainers – AMTS Group AG has delivered the RFFT cabin crew real firefighting trainer to WizzAir in their new training centre based in Budapest, Hungary in 2014. During a visit to the centre on the 19th of February last week AMTS Group learnt that the trainer has been used extensively since it was delivered, having already processed more than 10 000 cabin fire drills. The Interfire Trainers RFFT is able to handle such a large number of fire drills due to our fully automatic system and the new Interfire Trainers automatic fire extinguisher refilling station (RFS 2002). This product is able to recharge 2 fire extinguishers in less than 15 seconds in an environmentally safe recharging procedure.

Flight simulator engineer Mr. Gabor Beki (FSC) told AMTS Group that WizzAir is very happy using the device and the unit has also been extremely rewarding for FSC maintenance engineers due to fact that minimum service has been required and Interfire Trainers RFFT has been extremely reliable and operable friendly for the WizzAir users.

Flight Simulator Company, who is the operator of WizzAir training center in Budapest, told AMTS Group AG that the RFFT they have in Budapest has been an extremely easy and flexible solution for real fire trainings required by their client WizzAir.