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Interfire RFFT

The Interfire RFFT is our company’s flagship model for aviation fire training. The RFFT has a fire training area built as close as possible to the measurements of a real aircraft, and the observer’s classroom is integrated within the training area to allow a number of students to follow the training sessions at one time. [...]

RFFT installed indoors and under the CEET

The RFFT indoor installation shown in the photo above is extremely popular with clients due to its adaptability. In order to use the available space wisely the RFFT has been installed under the CEET allowing for flexibility of the position of the observers area and training classroom; and for other training devices to also be [...]

Interfire Trainers – RFFT – Training in a safe and comfortable atmosphere

A RFFT interior is always designed in collaboration with the customer end user and their requirements. For example: although the instructor's station is integrated within the classroom, a remote control function can enable the instructor to also work inside the fire training area during the fire drills. This creates a more comfortable atmosphere which will [...]

MRFFT built within a small van

The MRFFT unit can be fitted within any small van featuring a chassis capable of supporting this kind of installation. The interior and technology of these units are designed in line with every clients unique requirements, and the MRFFT model is particularly suitable for companies who have clients in several locations.

MRFFT – I in a light weight container

The MRFFT - I unit is built mainly within a small glass fibre container designed specifically for fire training use. The detail of each containers interior and technology is always designed according to each individual client’s requirements and are provided for those clients with fewer employees or less available space for a fixed base RFFT [...]

MRFFT and MRFFT I interiors

MRFFT interiors are produced for cabin crew fire training purposes in a similar design to our fixed base RFFT interiors and they are also available in fully automatic or semi – automatic design. The biggest difference between the two formats are size and mobility, allowing a MRFFT unit to be easily relocated according to an [...]

Latest PLC and IOS Technology from world leading manufacturers

Interfire Trainers use the latest PLC and IOS technology from world leading manufacturers such as Siemens and Mitshubishi, and IOS panels can be installed in the most suitable place available by the client. The wall mounted IOS in the smaller size fire trainers in particular is very popular and enables an instructor to follow training [...]

RFFT Software is easy to operate

The Interfire Trainers© intelligent RFFT software is easy to use and its technology was purposely designed to be understood by any user, no matter how extensive their knowledge and experience of computers. The remote control function is a standard component within the RFFT software that enables instructors to position themselves close by their trainees during [...]

Instructor’ s Operating Panel (IOS) installed outside of the RFFT

The IOS can be installed in an ideal place to suit any customer requirements. The most important issue regarding installation is that the IOS is located so that an instructor will have easy access back and forth, from the classroom to the fire training area. Visibility is also a critical factor.

Tailored designs available

Interfire Trainers are available in standard format and can also be specifically designed according to each individual customer requirements. In the fire training area the main material used is stainless steel in order to guarantee long durability and to provide an easy to clean interior. With the RFFT design it is important to understand that [...]