Project Description

The Interfire RFFT is our company’s flagship model for aviation fire training. The RFFT has a fire training area built as close as possible to the measurements of a real aircraft, and the observer’s classroom is integrated within the training area to allow a number of students to follow the training sessions at one time. This classroom also provides extra space for the SEP training department’s theoretical teaching when training flow is high.

The RFFT model has everything a client would imagine a cabin crew would require for real fire training, including real flames and artificial smoke to create realism.

A fully automatic fire extinguisher refilling station is included which can recharge two fire extinguishers in only 10 seconds; simply placing the extinguishers into the refilling station starts the process automatically. The unit is operated by state of the art computer technology and the latest touch IOS panel and has been designed for installation both indoors as well as outdoors, according to the client’s requirements.