Project Description

Interfire Trainers – RFFT are provided with a fully automatic fire extinguisher refilling station (RFS) that will automatically recharge a fire extinguisher once the extinguisher is placed in the refilling rack after a fire drill. There are different types of RFS systems available including the RFS 2001, RFS 2002, and RFS 2003. The RFS 2001 has one refilling rack and this system can recharge one extinguisher in 10 seconds. RFS 2002 has two independent refilling racks and can recharge two extinguishers in 10 seconds, and larger systems are available for customers requiring additional extinguishers. The RFS system is able to operate 24/7 and 365 days a year if required, the system uses water and compressed air as a propellant, and it is a 100 % environmentally clean unit whilst in operation.

The advantages for an RFFT client to use RFS are the significant time and financial savings gained due to low operating costs and the fact that extinguishers are recharged immediately after the fire drill whilst inside the RFFT fire trainer. The automatic RFS system is a key issue with regards to cost savings when considering the operating costs of a RFFT training system.

The cost of operating a complete RFFT system is extremely low and rarely exceeds 1 $ (USD) per student per fire drill.

One important aspect of the RFFT for instructors, as well as for trainees, is that the fire drill in question can be repeated as many times as needed in order to reach the level of competency required when acting with fires; whilst avoiding high training costs for individual students.