Interfire Aviation Training Products

Interfire Aviation is the manufacturer of customised aviation training products including Real Fire Fighting Trainers most commonly known as Interfire Aviation – RFFT.

The RFFT has been designed for airline real fire training and particularly for air crew fire safety training. RFFT units are safe and 100% environmentally friendly to use; operating costs are extremely low, and every unit is fitted with a modern automatic fire extinguisher refilling system (RFS – 2001 or 2002). With RFS, fire extinguishers can be recharged immediately after a fire drill which saves time and money and allows the RFFT to accommodate a large amount of students during a one day training session, easily exceeding up to 80 students.

Real fires are available with either a fully automatic extinguishing technique with integrated flame sensor technology, or with a semi-automatic extinguishing technique without integrated flame sensor technology. Burning fuel is LPG (for example Propane Gas).

All RFFT units are equipped with an automatic Gas Detection system and emergency ventilation. Interfire Aviation mainly use Siemens and Mitsubishi computer technology alongside Siemens and Beijer IOS panels, to guarantee an easy operation process and good technical support from the manufacturer. Another PLC technology can be also used if required. All our fire trainers are designed to be used in a variety of climate conditions and the RFFT can be installed indoors as well as outdoors according to our customers’ requirements.


The Real Fire Fighting Trainer is the company’s flagship product and can be tailored according to every customer’s individual requirements . The viewing classroom can easily accommodate 30 students who can observe the training sessions whilst waiting for their own fire drill to start. An RFFT unit can be installed outdoors or indoors, be integrated into a client’s existing building, and its interior is built as close as possible to that of a real aircraft.


Mobile Real Fire Fighting Trainers are technically close in design to the RFFT but they are smaller in dimension. The MRFFT can be built on a small truck (MRFFT) or in a small lightweight glass fibre container (MRFFT I) in order to allow the flexibility to move and relocate the unit.

Fires Available

We share our long experience with our customers concerning the training facility and training equipment design as well as our operational use of the training complex.

We share complimentary the information and consultancy for our aviation customers in their internal E-Learning safety training design. We will also similarly help and consult the other sectors as corporates, schools, hospitals and individuals in their safety training needs.

We design and provide safety training for corporates, schools, hospitals, etc. The courses shall be structured to serve the customer’s internal needs and requirements.