Aviation Safety Group – Interfire Aviation – Company Profile

Aviation Safety Group – Interfire Aviation is a privately-owned company and our head office is based in Tallinn, Estonia. Our main product range is comprised of modern fire and safety training devices for civil aviation and airports customers. The company is expanding to military aviation and military airports. We produce fire trainers also for Maritime customers. One of our most popular products, the RFFT – Real Fire Fighting Trainer, is an automatic fire training simulator that provides real flames and artificial smoke for training scenarios, which are integrated into the aircraft interior to guarantee realism in SEP training sessions. The RFFT Trainer can be modified for all kinds if customers’ requirements in the air, sea and land.

Interfire Aviation main sales offices are in Finland, Estonia, Spain, Germany and Thailand, whilst our Construction Management (CM) based production is based in Spain and in Finland; as well as at our customer’s own premises when required by a RFFT project.

The Company’s trademarks in Aviation Safety Training are: INTERFIRE AVIATION-RFFT©, INTERFIRE TRAINERS©, Trainers4Fire©, RFFT4YOU©, InterfireAviationSafetyFloor©, FireSafeCase© and RFFT – Total Care©.

Interfire Aviation develop aviation safety, safety training, technical training aids and new technologies required to meet the continuously growing safety demands in civil aviation and aviation safety training.

Interfire Aviation has acquired a unique and in-depth knowledge of aviation safety training and aviation safety training technology within the aviation industry. This has provided an excellent base for our organisation to continue developing real fire training technologies for aviation and other sectors that require similar training services.

Our key employees are highly experienced specialists in safety training and fire and rescue technique; some have worked within the industry sector since 1975. In addition, Interfire Aviation is proud to work alongside business partners who are experienced civil aviation training providers and aviation training device manufacturers.

Interfire Aviation is committed to providing the aviation sector and our valued customers with the Real Fire Fighting Trainer – RFFT.  This renowned industry training device is safe, modern, environmentally friendly, effective and easy to operate, will save time and money, and will continuously serve our clients in any challenging training business for years to come.

Interfire Aviation is dedicated to providing airlines with world leading Real Fire Fighting Trainers so that our customers can further develop their skills and keep fire safety at the highest possible level on board.

With Interfire Aviation airlines can provide safe and environmentally friendly training for their air crews!

Our company focuses on developing and maintaining state of the art fire trainer technology at a consistently high level. This is possible to achieve via a close cooperation with our valuable customers and experienced business partners in the field of aviation safety.

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