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Interfire Aviation

Interfire Aviation is an Aviation Safety Training company that focuses on developing a state of the art, cutting edge fire & safety trainer technology. We provide custom made safety trainers for Air Crew´s Safety Training. This similar technology we use also for our customers within Maritime, Military, Hospitals, Railways etc. for their safety training needs. Our highly experienced team is focused on finding continuous improvements to our products in order to keep them the best in the industry.

Our flagship RFFT – Real Fire Fighting Trainer was invented and named by Interfire team already on the early 90´s. It was the first modern fire training device specially designed for Airline Industry´s Safety & Emergency Procedures (SEP) training needs. 

Our Production is based on Project Management and the component production is in Finland while the final system assembly is in Spain. The company Headquarters and Product Development are in Finland. The Company is privately owned by the product developers.

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