AMTS Group AG met with the experienced SEP training specialist Mr. Joseph Kwok from Singapore Airlines during the APATS 2015 conference held in Bangkok. Mr. Kwok was interested to hear AMTS Group AG – Interfire Trainers opinion and vision concerning aircraft fire safety and lavatory fires in particular. We discussed many issues concerning onboard hazards and one of the most important topics was the time available to make the right decision to get a fire under control. AMTS Group AG are happy to support Mr. Kwok’s ideas for cabin crews to take action as quickly as possible instead of following old fashion procedures that involve unnecessary evaluation and the loss of  time. Mr. Kwok stated “If there is a fire or at least smoke we need to be able to use learned procedures, trained to an automatic level, to be able to do all that is possible to get the pre-fire or fire under a cabin crew’s control; otherwise there will be a danger to loose the whole vessel.” AMTS Group – Interfire Trainers representative fully agreed with Mr. Kwok’s opinion.