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Reval Maritime & Aviation Training Center receive delivery of first RFFT trainer!

Reval Maritime & Aviation Training Center has started co-operation with Interfire Aviation and first aviation RFFT trainer was delivered to Reval's training center in Tallinn Estonia on the 18th of January 2018. Reval is a leading safety training operator in the Baltic region. Reval has plans to integrate more cabin crew training devices in their [...]

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Interfire Aviation at APATS 2017 Singapore

APATS 2017 in Singapore was again a great show. Thank you everyone for making it so successful for Interfire Aviation. Especially this great Halldale team!

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New Real Fire Fighting Trainer for Finnair

Finnair is one of the oldest commercial airlines in Europe. The company is located in Finland with headquarters based in the city of Vantaa near Helsinki International Airport, only twenty minutes from the capital city Helsinki. The Finnair Flight Academy can also be found in the region and is actually situated a mere few hundred [...]

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AMTS Group AG – Interfire Trainers to attend EATS 2016 in Berlin

AMTS Group AG – Interfire Trainers will attend EATS 2016 at the Estrel Conference Hotel in Berlin. The European Aviation Training Symposium is an annual highlight in the world of aviation training. Berlin in Germany is an excellent location for any conference or meeting due to its fascinating history and this beautiful city attracts tourists [...]

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Fire safety issues with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 highlights issues with lithium batteries on planes

An electronic device is always a risk on board during a flight, particularly if there is a technical problem within the device itself or the device has been handled wrongly. In the last few weeks the world has again witnessed worrying incidents with mobile phones on board aeroplanes and unfortunately these incidents will not be [...]

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AMTS Group AG – Interfire Trainers to attend APATS Singapore with TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH

The AMTS Group AG – Interfire Trainers team will be attending the APATS conference in Singapore this year alongside TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH from Germany. It will be interesting to meet with colleagues at this conference and we are certain that a main topic of discussion will be public safety at airports, due to [...]

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Finnair and Lufthansa to update RFFT Trainers

Fire Trainers Procurement – Finnair and Lufthansa have invited tender proposals from suppliers to replace their current RFFT type fire trainers. Both companies purchased their current RFFT trainers as early as 1996 and the units have experienced extremely heavy operational use during the past twenty years. The current procurement phase has been completed and RFPs [...]

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Condor purchases Mobile Real Fire Fighting Trainer from AMTS Group AG

Condor, a member of Thomas Cook Group, has purchased a Mobile Real Fire Fighting Trainer from AMTS Group AG – Interfire Trainers. The MRFFT will be delivered to Condor on the 4th of July 2016 to their Training Centre in Frankfurt. This type of mobile fire trainer is very flexible for clients as the unit does [...]

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IATA Cabin Safety Conference Miami 2016

AMTS Group AG and TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH attended the IATA cabin Safety conference in Florida, Miami, USA from May 10th to 12th this year. From the point of view of a safety device manufacturer the conference was extremely good and we had the opportunity to meet a lot of aviation specialists during the [...]

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WATS 2016 World Airline Training Symposium in Orland, USA.

Interfire launched the FireSafeCase, a brief-case like container designed to handle fires created by electronic appliances – both onboard aircraft and in public places such as hotels, trains and schools. By closing a burning device into the FireSafeCase©, cabin crew can quickly contain a fire and prevent toxic gases spreading throughout the cabin. With the [...]

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