AMTS Group AG – Interfire Trainers will attend EATS 2016 at the Estrel Conference Hotel in Berlin. The European Aviation Training Symposium is an annual highlight in the world of aviation training.

Berlin in Germany is an excellent location for any conference or meeting due to its fascinating history and this beautiful city attracts tourists and business professionals from all over the world.

Airline Cabin & Cockpit Training continues to be of great importance within our industry, particularly training that covers those serious challenges that cabin crews have been experiencing lately on flights.

Surely important topics that should be included are the problem with Lithium Batteries on board planes as well as passenger behavior and how electronic devices are used during a flight; in addition to the security of check in areas at airports all over the world.

A conference like EATS is the perfect event to meet and discuss these kind of important topical issues that affect all of us in this industry.

Please come and visit the Interfire Trainers booth nr 118 at EATS 2016 in Berlin.